Daemonia Nympe is an ethereal world music ensemble, the first artists worldwide to compose and perform improvisations on ‘ancient’ Greek instruments, such as Kithara, Lyra and Varvitos, handcrafted with design and materials authentic to their epoch by Nikolaos Brass. Currently based in the UK, the group has released music on labels of several nationalities (German, French, Italian, Portuguese) most prominently on a long established French record company specializing in world music (Prikosnovenie records). Due to superb costumes and masks, attending a Daemonia Nymphe concert is to have the eerie sensation of beholding characters stepping out from scenes on attic vases.

They have performed in the USA, Austria, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy,Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Greece (Headliners at the Wave Gotik Treffen Germany, Festival Mediaval Germany -Ethereal Fest Spain-Caivano Arte fest Italy, invited at Psalm/Styriarte Festival Austria-Exhibition Road fest UK). Their presentations are also portrayed on film, such as television documentaries, short films (Life in Five Acts/Greece) and DVD productions (Treasures of Athens and Olympia/Channel 5, London). They have composed music for theatre (Theatre Lab Company/London, National Theatre of Northern Greece/Thessaloniki, Creatives Across Sussex/UK), provided music for stand-up comedies (Colin Quinn’s Long Story Short Broadway, New York) and fashion shows (Gucci Spring Summer 2016, Milan, Paris Fashion week 2018). Evi S. has contributed (with LBC) to Neil Davidge’s(Massive Attack) score for the game “Halo 4”. Their style has universal appeal, melodically and visually. They have collaborated with international musicians such as English-Peter Ulrich(ex-Dead Can Dance,/This Mortal Coil), Jo Quail, Bulgarian-Dessislava Stefanova(London Bulgarian Choir),Cypriot-Alkinoos Ioannides,Greek-Psarantonis(Antonis Xylouris),German-Beefcake, Australian-Louisa John Krol and many others. Daemonia Nymphe’s music is part of the collection of the British Library.